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ERP School/college/university Management Module which is used by Schools as well as Colleges to manage their daily activities which include the management of Employees, Students, Books and Library Records, Parents details, Assignments, Admission Process, Results and Reports, Exams, Events, Attendance, Timetable, Fees and Other Reports. It manage a lot of processes inside the campus like student admissions, schedules, grades, library, assignments, admissions, attendance, enrollment etc.

It provides one-point access to manage these wide range of activities both effectively and efficiently. Managing a school, university, college or any educational institution without a perfect software solution in the present times is painful, same in the case of any enterprises or business. Hence an appropriate solution is required which can ensure the smooth functioning of the organization as a whole, and with ERP college Management Module, this problem can simply be solved.

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ERP software solution that automate, streamline and manage students information efficiently along with automating processes for the Stakeholders, It help students, teachers, parents and the college administrative staff to use institute data in a more organized and structured manner. Fully Integrated with Mobile Apps.

ERP software can manage activities like student attendance, fee, exam, library records and much more. Axolotls college ERP solution is designed in order to minimize the complexity faced by colleges to manage odd-even semester simultaneously.

This system is very easy to understand and user friendly. Teacher, Student, Librarian are connected with each other on one system.This system is saving the time for student and teacher too.In this system user can connect any time whenever he/she wants.

Characteristics of our school/college management software are :-

  • Students information : we keep track of every student’s information like attendance, homework, discipline, score etc. which can be accessed easily when needed by the teachers or school/college managing committee. In addition to these, the basic database is also available like name, contact, address, parent’s information, medical history and many more.
  • Parents portal : to help parents evaluate their child’s educational activities, send notice of meetings and annual reports and to bring them in contact with teachers.
  • Assessments and assignments : a different set of examination papers can be prepared by teachers easily for avoiding cheating.
  • Report cards : the annual report of the academic year can be easily generated by the authorities using our interactive database. Using our school/college management system software, report cards can be made easily accessible to the parents and students to help them improve their grades.
  • Fee tracking and online payment: our system can manage receipts and fee payments of students also. It is very convenient to use the software for preparation of fee booklets and receipts.

School/College Management Software Development Services

Admission Management

Admissions are the most critical administrative tasks of a school. Our software helps schools to record and compare student information like test and interview results and more, allowing the admissions department to perform their tasks easily and quickly.

Fee Management

Collecting fees, late payment fines, and keeping track of defaulters, refunds, advance collections, transportation, and cafeteria payments, and printing receipts are handled by this module. We can configure the system to send reminders to parents regarding fees that are late.

Student Information

The school can store complete details about students - academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities, exam results, grades, club memberships, ID cards, fees paid and payable, medical history, disciplinary actions if any, and so on.

Payroll Management

This is similar to the payroll system for businesses; it helps the school to keep track of salaries to be paid to teachers, clerks, admin staff, janitors, and so on. Depending on your specific requirements, we can tweak it to include advance salary payment & loans taken unpaid leave.

Examination Management

Exams are hectic not just for students, but for teachers as well. Examination module of the school management software helps teachers to create question banks, reports, schedules, perform score analysis and grades, and prepare question papers too.

Staff Information

Schools also need to track staff both academic and non-academic, issue ID cards, keep track of vacancies, retirements, and more. Our programmers make sure you can perform all these functions smoothly. The system will also help keep track of staff performance.

School Management System Software

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