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Direct Selling Software

We provide unique and advance software solution for direct selling business that is MLM business..!

What Makes Us Best!

Direct selling software is a software used to manage direct selling business

The method of marketing and retailing products or services to buyers directly, without any middlemen such as wholesalers and distributors is called direct selling.

Direct selling is usually done door-to-door by representatives of the company and not done through permanent retail locations like shops and show rooms.

Usually, representatives of the company demonstrate the products to individuals or group of individuals and leave a catalog of products with them.

Later, the representative or others call prospective consumers and gather orders. As you can see, direct selling requires more personal interaction with the consumers than what is required in conventional selling or mail orders.

Direct selling companies are dependent on their distributors for the expansion of their business. They need business tools very similar to the other non-direct selling business in order to manage the challenges of their business.

We, at Axolotl’s Zest, understand the complexities of your direct selling business regardless of its size – big or small and provide many tools such as sales, marketing, distribution, e-commerce, CRM etc.

At Zest, we understand the presence of a number of MLM plans, and the benefits and limitations of each MLM plan.

Our expertise in Direct Selling software built over the years resides on our in-depth knowledge about the MLM industry and its changing trends.

Direct selling software is the software used in the direct selling marketing to track the sales, profits, expenses effectively and conveniently.

A methodical software is needed for tracking customers, monitoring sales, managing representatives and processing compensations and pay outs.

Direct selling software allows businesses to customize direct selling plans, generate and view graphical representations of sales and related activities and reduce the overall complexity of running a direct selling business efficiently and successfully.

Lead MLM software is a leading MLM software solution addressing the various demands of the direct selling business.

It comes with the various compensation plans of direct selling that can be configured according to the nature individual MLM businesses.

It also comes with all the required add-ons involved in direct selling.


Optimal Business Performance

Our direct selling software can maintain a proper procedure of planning and monitoring performance.

Streamlined Business Operation

It ensures better collaboration and coordination between representatives, administrators, and customers.

Better Integration of Systems

Facilitates the integration of the company’s systems and resources to ensure a smooth functioning.


Our direct selling software is an economic solution that does not make holes in our clients’ pockets.

Higher Productivity

The efficient management facilitated by direct selling software translates to increased productivity.

Motivation of the Sales Force

All these advantages add up to make work easier for the work force resulting in added motivation.

Best Direct Selling Software

Axolotl’s Zest – A proven direct selling software solution since 2012. Top-rated & globally accepted Axolotl’s Zest software helps direct selling companies to grow globally. It’s cutting edge technology benefits the company to stay ahead of the competition. Most secured MLM software amongst peers which is meant for entry to enterprise level direct selling companies. An MLM software makes your business efficient, streamlined, profitable, collaborative, systematic and a viable entity.

Axolotls is the only genuine professional company in the market offering one-stop solutions in your budget only. We are an experienced and result-oriented company in India.

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