It’s time to go break the barriers of place and time in spreading knowledge. Create e-learning apps that will make children fall in love with learning. Apps that will help educators, teachers, motivators and academic experts collaborate with learners. Read e-books, carry out assessments, monitor progress and much more with our e-learning apps for all levels of education.

Our vision is to create a world where learning on-the-go is as easy as browsing on the internet. Meet with teachers, consult with the best education experts from various streams and disciplines and much more. We offer you the best of developers with a decade plus experience and expertise in designing, forging and delivering successful mobile apps for our clients around the world.

What Makes Us Best!

About us

E-learning refers to a learning system that we can obtain through the internet using an electronic device. We also call it online learning or online education. The ‘E’ in E-learning stands for ‘Electronic.’ Hence, the original term ‘electronic learning.’“E-learning is training provided via a computer or other digital device, allowing technology to facilitate learning anytime, anywhere.”

The word ‘online,’ in this context, means with an Internet connection or via the Internet.

Our App Development Process

Getting in Touch

You can call us on skype, website or live chat and share your project requirements with us. We will do a quick analysis and get back to you. Our analysts will dive deeper to make things clear and simple for both of us.

Project Discussion

Discuss your project idea with our team of experts. Your course plan, expectations, your insecurities and doubts. The prospective audience group and how you intend to deliver service to them and any problem that’s bothering you.

Choose an Engagement Model

Our team then categorizes the project under the most suitable engagement model depending on your budget and speed of delivery. You can gain clarity on the estimated timelines, cost of development and future maintenance plans, etc.

Project Initiation

Based on the engagement model, we allocate your project to a team that’s constituted to deliver your technological requirements and deadline. The developers with necessary experience and expertise in the business domain constitutes the team.

Delivering the Solution

Keeping you in the loop at each stage of development we ensure that the project progresses as per your expectations. Once the project is tested for quality and glitches, it's time to celebrate the launch. Taste success in your very first project with us.

Updates and Maintenance

The journey with axolotls is never over with the launch of an app. Because we ensure that every app of our’s go long into the future and for that updates and maintenance are vital. New value additions, modifications, new features, etc ensure our app’s success.

Unique Features of Our E-Learning App

Gaming to Enhance Learning

Attract students towards learning through games that they love to play. Learn while you play is what our app promotes making it both engaging and productive.

Virtual Classrooms

Experience the classroom digitally through our amazing virtual applications. Learn from anywhere without missing valuable lessons.

Streaming Videos

Watch clips on everything to observe experiments, demonstrations, practical applications and complex concepts in simple illustrative videos.

Protecting Content

Content is the key to educational business. Our apps have many layers of protection to ensure that your content is properly safeguarded.

Assessing Online

Assessment is a benchmark of a learner's progress. Assess your student’s progress online through digital testing platforms, responses, etc.

Clear User-Interface

Our designers go right into the user’s shoes to give the best user experience for the learners and course coordinators, educators, etc.

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