Axolotls, professional Web design and SEO company not only design websites from scratch, guidelines and techniques for responsive web design but also offer website redesign to those who want to give their websites a make-over. We take the time to understand your business goals and objectives and then recommend a website design solution that would best suit your needs. For instance, if you are losing traffic because your website is loading too slowly, perhaps you need a new design in java script that would look slick yet be more practical.

A website redesign is a big project, no matter what size your organization is, especially if you want to do it correctly. Cutting corners typically results in a less than perfect end-product, that may do more harm than good to your marketing and sales efforts.

Proper planning, research, and a little foresight can help make your next redesign a huge success, and less stressful. That’s exactly why I wanted to compile a 10-step website redesign checklist to help set you and your team up for success.

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  • Using heat maps to understand current pain points
  • Beautiful new designs based on traffic flows
  • Cutting edge features backed with latest technologies
  • Ensuring cross platform and cross browser compatibility

A Website Redesign Takes Planning and Strategy Set goals, understand your user, rethink your content, look at the competition, and make it responsive and SEO-friendly. The way your website functions as a whole will help you meet your business goals. Redesign existing website.

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