Our on-demand taxi app development services are packed with features from simple to the most advanced. It will help you to track, promote and modernize your rides. We provide an end to end taxi app development solutions for your businesses, which include passenger app, driver app, and admin panel. Our designs are time relevant, built with utmost perfection, robust and scalable.

Our taxi app development basically enables your customers to view the list of available cabs which are close by. The price of every cab is also displayed. Also, your customers can view the route map of their desired destination. Moreover, our application is designed separately for your customers, taxi drivers, and the admins.

What Makes Us Best!

About us

Axolotls Taxi booking app provide the full flegde functionality for creating their own taxi service which support multiple rides app along with multi country support so that app can provide different type of services by keeping in view different areas/countries.

Our Taxi App Developers are highly accomplished in building feasible solutions by employing robust technologies. Our applications are scalable and cost-effective and provide your customers with the comfortable rides that will definitely increase the profits of your business.

It is ensured that we develop the taxi-booking app suiting to your requirements. In fact, we make efforts to understand the demographics and accordingly develop the app on a wide range of platforms including native Android and iOS.

Benefits of On Demand Taxi Booking App

With the current scenario, people used to prefer to ride in solo instead of using public transportation. Here personal taxi apps came into demand that reduces the risk in going out in the city. Here are some benefits of uber clone App that makes it profitable and reliable to both customers as well as taxi drivers.

  • Easy Ride Management
  • Hassle-free Taxi Driver Management
  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction
  • Can be Personalized to Passengers
  • Boost Sales & Visibility
  • Seamless Payments
  • Time & Cost Efficient
  • 24/7 Availability

Who Really Needs Our Taxi App Development Solution

We offer the following industries and individuals ready-to-take as well as customizable mobile solutions. All you need to do is get-in-touch with us & we will plan the rest for you.

Taxi Business

Our solution will transform your taxi business by connecting your service to all the riders out there. And we do it with the most potent tool i.e a smartphone. Taxi owners, enterprises and those running independent taxi businesses have immensely benefited from our customized and white-label solutions

Aspiring Startups

We have helped many small startups and innovators realize their app idea. As a taxi booking app builder, we have always stood by the game changers with the power of our experience and technical perfection.

Car Rental Services

Feel the ease of using mobile applications to jump over the hurdles and difficulty in managing a large taxi fleet. We can help you design your car rental process digitally with our expertise in on demand taxi app development.

Use Cases Of Our Taxi Booking App

Our taxi booking app development process can cater to other needs of the industries as well. Businesses with the same underlying process as taxi booking are the perfect fit. A bit of alteration to suit the new business is all it takes and it is ready for the following services:

Carpooling Apps

Run your own carpooling services with our safe and secure solution.

Employee Transportation

Create a robust employee transportation app for your organization.


Help stranded travellers anytime with a fuel-on-demand solution.

Trucking & Logistics

Track goods, drivers and build an efficient logistics business for tomorrow.

Own Your Code

Own your source code once the basic part is done by Mindster. We never keep what is yours with us without your permission.

Save Time and Money

Join us to get the best, pocket-friendly app developed. We craft the best within the least possible time.

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