This is best software application for manage warranty of wide range of products. Axolotls Warranty management software is specially designed for automating customer warranty claim process and reducing the time consumed in processing the claims.

It integrates the entire warranty process and offers complete solution for all warranty related issues.

Warranty Management Software Advantages

Process Automation

Warranty Management Software helps you to automate the whole process of warranty management in such a manner that, it will turn out to be very systematic & streamlined like never before.

Centralized Warranty Details

Warranty Management Software helps you to keep every details related to the warranty of products in one single cloud platform, that make it in centralized form & can be access from anywhere & anytime.

Improves Coordination

Since the Warranty Management Software streamline your whole process & centralized all the required information, it enhance the coordination between the service managers & the service engineers.

Improves Customer Service

Since the Warranty Management Software helps your company to make a good coordination among your after sales support team, due to this, they can manage to give effective services to your customer, which leads to more satisfied customer.

Warranty Ending Notification

Warranty Management Software, helps you to track down those warranties, that are about to end in coming 30 days, which helps you to sell AMC to those customers for further revenue generation for organization.

Get Competitive Advantage

A proper after sales support, always leads to a delighted customer & Warranty Management Software provides all the tools to do so. Hence, it leads to customer loyalty & one happy customer brings more customers.

Warranty Management Software Features

Best feature system

  • User Friendly Design
  • Apps/Platform Management
  • Category Management
  • Report as PDF, CSV
  • Real-time Warranty & Inventory Status
  • Warranty Warning with Remaining Days
  • Expired Items Warranty Summery
  • Warranty Warning Status
  • Item Track by Tag/Serial No.
  • Instant Search Result
  • Easy Data Shorting System
  • Email/SMS Notification

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